Friday, June 30, 2017

Buddhist simile on cup

Meditation is about stilling the mind. Many meditators put all their effort to still their mind. But they become frustrated after many years of effort.
A cup of juice is similar to our mind. When you hold the cup of juice although you focus, you being mindful, you being very skillful or put your all effort for many years still the juice in the cup will not come to stillness.
To make it still there is only one way; that is to put down the cup. When you put it down and leave it there for a while the juice inside the cup will come to a perfect stillness.

Similarly if you want to make your mind perfectly still you have to stop holding it. You have to stop making it still. You have to let it go, detach, and leave it alone then it will slowly become to a perfect stillness because that is the nature of our mind.

Ajahn Brahm

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